Floyd Mayweather DESTROYED Tenshin Nasukawa

Mayweather dropped Nasaukawa THREE times in the first round. And the referee has ended it.


Well that didn’t last long. We thought he might bide his time a bit and play it safe but Mayweather absolutely bullied his opponent from start to finish. He put Nasukawa down with a nasty body shot early on and then landed flush on two more occasions.

Mayweather was smiling before destroying Nasukawa

The undefeated American totally outclassed Nasukawa, he wasn’t even in perfect shape for this but unleashed a flurry of punches that the home favourite just couldn’t handle.

Mayweather Reactions: ‘We are both still undefeated, I did this to entertain the fans in Japan, they wanted this to happen and I said why not, Tenshin is still a great champion, I am still retired.

‘Tenshin hold your head up high, I want the fans to support him, he’s a great guy, a great fighter and great champion.

‘Tokyo Japan, RIZIN is number one. Thank you.’

This sequence about sums it up

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